Anflerage (FR. Enfleurage) - a method of obtaining essential oils by extraction with solid fat (usually used refined beef tallow).
The most ancient method of obtaining essential oils. It consists in the extraction of essential oils with fat from essential oil raw materials. In the film "Par F├╝mer" by Patrick Suskind, the anflerage process (see fig.) Is well shown. The aromatic oils obtained by the anflerage method (Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose, Violet, Mimosa, etc.) are the most expensive. Since 1930, this technique is extremely rarely used due to its high cost.
The method consists in the following: in a wooden frame glass or fabric is fixed, impregnated with an odorless, purified, cold fat. Flowers gently laid out on a layer of fat, which absorbs the essential oil secreted by them. The process is repeated many times until the fat becomes saturated with essential oil. (For different flowers, there are some variations in the process of anflerage, for example, jasmine buds are pressed between two sheets of glass thickly smeared with pork fat). The resulting aromatic substance is called flower lipstick, and if anflerage was made using vegetable oil, then it is a fragrant oil. The resulting fat is dissolved in alcohol, when evaporation of which remains pure absolute.