Benefits of dry perfume
  • The absence of alcohol and artificial ingredients in the composition. This means that the balm will not dry the skin and if you are allergic to synthetic substances - natural products are ideal.
  • Practicality. Sold in small jars. And this is justified, since with the right approach, it is consumed in small quantities.
  • Long shelf life. Will be stored for at least a year. The main thing to remove it from the sun and tightly close the container. And do not fill.
  • Multifunctional. Applying on yourself is an obvious move. You can add a piece of perfume in the aroma lamp and then the smell will fill the housing. Put them in a pendant, earrings or ring and then they will always be with you. Put in a closet with things and they will start to smell like you.
  • Hard perfume has such a fabulous aroma that they can be inspired. Just open the box and now you are no longer in a boring, annoying place, but with your thoughts rush into the pine forest by the sea. Or your favorite coffee shop. It depends on what associations will be called.
  • Efficiency. If you do not remember the famous brands such as Estée Lauder, you can confidently say that dry compositions are cheaper than alcohol.
  • Exclusivity. Most small manufacturers make these products by hand and exhibit an irrepressible fantasy by mixing components. On sale you can find truly amazing smells.
  • Attention to your person. People unfamiliar with such cosmetics will constantly ask what it is and where you can get it.
  • Aesthetics. Packaging can be minimalistic and stylish or elegant and feminine. But she is always beautiful.
  • Benefit. The essential oils, warmed up on the aroma lamp, in combination with wax can have a therapeutic effect: soothe, warm, help in the treatment of colds, concentration.