Dry (hard) perfume: what it is?
Do you know that there is an alternative to classic types of fragrances? People learned the art of their creation five thousand years ago. It was then that the first perfume was made in Egypt. Since then, the principle of its production has not changed much, so using such a composition, you can fully feel yourself a representative of the Ancient East. Today we will tell you about the solid (dry) perfume, what it is and what it is made of, how to use them correctly.
In those days, when the recipe of incense was invented, no one yet knew how to get the right smell from alcohol and ether, and people used the available materials and technologies.
What are the components of the product
Key Ingredients Now Used
It is important to know that such a composition has no loop. Dry perfume is only your fragrance and those who are very close. They can be light, fresh or revealed in languid, oriental notes. May evoke memories of summer nature or winter holidays with spicy sweets. It all depends on what is added to it.
1. Wax or paraffin wax
This is the base that modern perfumers use. Bee product gives a creamy texture and honey tint. Another advantage of it - the benefits for the skin. In the case of the use of the second substance, use its medical, purified variety.
2. Odorless Cosmetic Foundation
The task of this element is to saturate the product with useful properties. Each manufacturer prefers different types: coconut, shi, jojoba, cocoa refined.
3. Vitamin E
Used as a preservative, prolongs shelf life. If you comply with the rules of storage, the purchase will please no less than a year. It is necessary to follow the usual conditions: a dark place without moisture, tightly closed packaging.
4. Essential oils
Those substances that create a unique scent. It can be citrus, woody, spicy, floral extracts. Usually, several volatile components are mixed so that they gradually bloom with new shades throughout the day.