How to use hard and dry perfume
Open the jar, take some contents with a clean finger and apply it to the points where the pulse is felt. The best options are the back of the neck, the inner fold of the elbow, the calves, the popliteal region, the clavicle, the abdomen. The grooves behind the lobes are not suitable for such purposes. In the area behind the ears are glands and they secrete a liquid that will kill or distort the notes. On the wrists, the skin has a low ph and therefore the smell will evaporate quickly from them.
If it seems to you that you do not hear the sound of notes, do not rush to add another portion of the fragrance to yourself. It is likely to get an "overdose" and be disappointed in the purchase. The solid format of the perfume does not provide for an obvious plume and effect. It is revealed gradually, during the day.

One of the great advantages of the wax-based perfume is its compactness and convenience. Yes, many brands produce road collections of bottles with classic compositions in alcohol or oil. But even in comparison with them, a small box with creamy contents wins.

Judge for yourself:
  • They will not spill out, and the packaging will not break. This eliminates the possibility of excessive flavoring of your bag. You can safely take them anywhere.
  • Take very little space. Manufacturers rarely sell large quantities, as they are not necessary.
  • Perfume can be used as a sachet. Leave them open in the closet and clothes soaked with a pleasant, unobtrusive smell.